Initial TFS 2010 BPA Tool Available

Brian Harry

We’ve also just released the first cut at the TFS 2010 Best Practices Analyzer that will help you diagnose configuration issues on TFS 2010 servers.  It’s a long way from being done – we’ll be continuing to work on it hard between now and the 2010 release but it’s a start. Updating the BPA tool was a major undertaking due to all of the new TFS topologies and features in 2010.  Application Tier scale out, Data Tier scale out, Build agent pooling, Sharepoint flexibility and Lab Management are just a few of the new features that required a pretty major overhaul of the BPA tool.  Our goal for this initial release was to get the BPA infrastructure updated to support the new multi-machine topologies, remove all of the old rules that don’t make sense any longer and add a handful of new rules that show we can scan the breadth of a TFS 2010 Server Farm.  Over the next few months, we’ll be building out the new rules to provide a more comprehensive validation of a TFS install. We’d certainly appreciate you giving it a try at some point and letting us know how it works for you. You can read more about it on Ladislau’s blog here:



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