Automating the creation of Team Projects

Brian Harry

Since I announced the ability to automate the creation of Team Projects in my TFS SP1 feature set post and my March Power Tools post, I’ve gotten several questions about the format of the XML file you need to create and pass to:

tfpt createteamproject /settingsfile:”filename.xml”

I’ve attached the XML schema to this blog post and included a sample settings file.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<Project xmlns=”ProjectCreationSettingsFileSchema.xsd”>

    <TFSName>A Valid TFS server</TFSName>


      Batch Project Creation Demo 23
      <!– default to project name if not specified –>
      Batch Project Creation Demo 23   
      <!– default to empty string if not specified –>
      Project Description
      <!– none | new | branch –>
      <!– string.Empty for none and new; supplied for branch –>
      MSF for Agile Software Development – v4.2

Hopefully this helps make it more clear,




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