Expression and TFS

Brian Harry

Warning – this is early information and is subject to change but the Expression team cleared me to say something about it. We get a lot of feedback from customers who would like more seamless integration between Expression and the rest of their development team using TFS.  Last week I saw a demo of work being done that will result in TFS source control integration into Expression Web and Expression Blend.  It was very nice.  All of the basic operations were there – add, checkout, undo checkout, history, diff, checkin, etc.  Checkin even used the same dialog as Team Explorer so you get full fidelity – work item integration, checkin policies, etc. It was exciting to see us making progress in this key area.  I’m told this is all going to be in the next version of Expression – of course, I don’t have any release date to announce :).  However, keep your eyes open for pre-releases (like CTPs) and check out the TFS integration.  We’ll be eager to hear your feedback. Combine this with the recent release of TFS integration for Dynamics developers and we are really making progress on ensuring everyone can participate in team development regardless of what kind of development you do.



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