Another TFS Spec Published

Brian Harry

Last week, we published another new spec on “Properties” for TFS.  This spec describes a new feature that allows you to associate properties with different artifacts in TFS.  The include Files/folders, shelvesets, labels, branches, Workspaces, pending changes, etc.  Ultimately, we hope to expand this to all artifacts in TFS.  This spec is still in draft form – in fact we just reviewed it internally on Friday and there was a lot of feedback to simplify some aspects of it.  We’re very interested in your input as well. To get you thinking about what this might be used for, here are some example scenarios…

  • You might use the properties to store additional attributes of files.  For example, if you were using TFS on Unix, you might attach a property containing the file’s Unix files attributes when you pend the changes so that you can restore them when you get the file.
  • I’m hoping to use attributes on shelvesets as the basis for a future Power Tool that enables a nice code review experience.  Of course, you could beat us to it 🙂
  • Properties on labels could be used to describe their purpose and allow filtering of them in UI to eliminate clutter.
  • And more…

I suspect you’ll be able to think of even more creative ways than I can of using properties.  Let us know what you think.  Remember the spec feedback forum is here.



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