May '08 DevDiv TFS Dogfood Statistics

Brian Harry

Today seems to be blogging day.  Here’s post #3 of 4 or 5 that are coming today.  Sorry for the deluge but it’s been a couple of weeks since I blogged.

I think we are finally nearing the end of the full scale roll out of TFS to the Developer Division.  Almost everyone working on the next version of VS/.NET are now on TFS.  There’s some other projects that have not switched yet but I expect most will before too long.  The biggest sign of this continued growth is in # of Recent users (up 145).  That’s 145 more regular users this month than last month.

The other number that staggering (at least to me) is the # of local copies.  There are over 2.2 BILLION rows in that table.  Wow!  That’s a lot of data.  Last I checked, the DevDev TFS database had gotten to around 8 terra-bytes.

I’ve started including a new section in this report for Builds.  Lots of teams are now using TFS for continuous integration and other buddy build systems, making the numbers start to seem significant.

Here’s the graphs to show trends.  A big part of why downloads are not continuing to grow is increased usage of proxies.  We have found that too many downloads can overwhelm the application tier and block other operations.  We started to hit those problems at around 100,000,000 downloads a week (but only during peak hours).  Soon we will be deploying a change that allows us to "force" clients to use a proxy.  This is a server setting that causes the client to use it Active Directory location to select the appropriate proxy.  At that point, the downloads will drop dramatically.





  • Recent users: 1,958 (up 145)
  • Users with assigned work items: 3,726 (up 91)
  • Version control users: 3,820 (up 140)

Work Items

  • Work Items: 412,931 (up 24,819)
  • Areas & Iterations: 10,084 (up 379)
  • Work item versions: 3,455,704 (up 173,764)
  • Attached files: 244,126 (up 11,853)
  • Queries: 25,653 (up 1,733)

Version control

  • Files: 269,782,247 (up 32,956,473)
  • Folders: 64,235,613 (up 7,849,640)
  • Total compressed file size: 2,217,966 MB (up 127,435 MB)
  • Checkins: 435,933 (up 24,762)
  • Shelvesets: 31,417 (up 3,424)
  • Merge history: 651,803,197 (up 78,266,752)
  • Pending changes: 24,219,035 (up 7,381,865)
  • Workspaces: 8,921 (up 346)
  • Local copies: 2,214,366,807 (was 2,004,549,728)


  • Builds: 6,155 (up 532)

Commands (last 7 days)

  • Work Item queries: 458,533 (up 81,627)
  • Work Item updates: 38,428 (up 19,384)
  • Work Item opens: 213,043 (up 104,217)
  • Gets: 322,315 (up 73,578)
  • Downloads: 97,058,031 (down 21,524,757)
  • Checkins: 6,732 (up 1,014)
  • Uploads: 110,702 (down 1,614)
  • Shelves: 3,104 (down 3)



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