Visual Basic XML Transform – TechEd demo prep


Hello from Orlando! I’ve been at TechEd 2007 this week in very sunny Orlando. As part of my demo prep, I had to create a little xml transform to convert the TechEd schedule that I got off the website in an Excel XML format into a more readable xml file format. I could have done this all with one transform, but the newer XML file format made for good demo fodder to show off the XML Intellisense features coming in Orcas Beta2.

I thought the code was interesting and fun – a great blend of XML properties, XML Literals, and query – so I’ve posted it below:

Imports System.IO

Imports <xmlns:ss=urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:spreadsheet>


Module Module1


 ‘Metadata info

 Enum Column










 End Enum


 Sub Main()


  Dim fromFile = “C:TechEdScheduleExcelFormat.xml”

  Dim toFile = “C:MyXMLFormat.xml”

  Dim excelXML = XElement.Load(fromFile)


  ‘ Remove first row – metadata info



  Dim xml = _

   <?xml version=1.0?>

   <EventSchedule Event=TechEd2007>

    <%= _

     From session In excelXML…<ss:Row> _

     Let info = session…<ss:Data> _

     Select _

      <Event ID=<%= info(Column.Code).Value %>>

       <Title><%= info(Column.Title).Value %></Title>

       <Description><%= info(Column.Description).Value %></Description>

       <Track><%= info(Column.Track).Value %></Track>

       <Session><%= info(Column.Session).Value %></Session>

       <Level><%= info(Column.Level).Value %></Level>

       <Speaker><%= info(Column.Speaker).Value %></Speaker>

       <Room><%= info(Column.Room).Value %></Room>

       <TimeSlot><%= info(Column.Timeslot).Value %></TimeSlot>

      </Event> _





   Shell(“C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe “ & toFile, AppWinStyle.MaximizedFocus)


 End Sub

End Module


All this, so that in the demo, I could:

1)      Open the resulting file, “MyXMLFormat.xml”, in Visual Studio

2)      Right click on the XML menu item

3)      Select create schema to infer an XSD from that file:

Create Schema


4)      Save the schema as an XSD and add it as an existing item in my project:

Save as XSD 

5)      And get an awesome Intellisense experience over the XML:

XML Intellisense


Pretty cool, no?


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