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Petzold Chapter 3 (Young Joo)

I am Young Joo, PM @ VB team.  I will be helping out Patrick on converting samples in Charles Petzold's WPF book (Applications = Code + Markup) to Visual Basic.  This is an exciting project and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  Another exciting news is that we have an extra help for this project.  Evan Lim who ...

Why you should learn WPF (and how I can help)

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was working on a side project.  Well, then the soccer, tennis, and school season hit and..well I won't tell you the rest.  What I had started to do was take all of the samples in Charles Petzold's book Applications = Code + Markup and rewrite them in VB for publication to the VB community. I ...

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