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March 2007 Orcas CTP Available

The March 2007 Orcas CTP is now available for download.You can see Soma's anouncement about it here.This is the first Orcas CTP to include new VB 9.0 features and is the first update of VB LINQ since last year's May 2006 LINQ CTP.Amongst a lot of other really cool Orcas stuff, this CTP includes previews of the following VB 9.0 ...

Extension methods and Generics (Extension Methods Part 5)

This is the 5th installment in my series of posts about extension methods. You can find links to the rest of the series here. Originally I had planned on discussing extension method versioning issues, but I've decided to postpone that topic to my next post and talk about extension methods and generics instead. In Orcas we've introduced a new ...

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