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Sshhh… it’s a secret (Matt Gertz)

Back in seventh grade, I had a pretty heavy crush on a girl named Melissa.  She was a good friend of mine, and so I had no problems talking to her.  However, being painfully shy back then, I was far too nervous to ever ask her to “go with” me.  (For those not steeped in American traditions, to “go with” a girl or boy in ...

Making your VB code ready to go global (Matt Gertz)

Greetings, all! I’m Matt Gertz, the Dev Manager for Visual Basic team.  I’ve been on the team for a bit over 12 years, via the Blackbird/Visual InterDev side of the product, and in that time have been a dev on various features (mostly IDE-related), dev lead of deployment, dev lead of compiler, and box lead before my current ...

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