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Community Interview with Sophia Salim (Beth Massi)

This past month we've been posting interviews with the team from our Italian Visual Basic MVP Alessandro Del Sole. This time we have Sophia Salim, a Tester on the VB Compiler. I'm very happy to see Sophia reach out to the community and am looking forward to more interesting posts from her here. I'm always interested in what really goes on ...

Orcas introduces the IF operator – a new and improved IIF (Sophia Salim)

One of my all time favorite features in C# and CPP has been the conditional operator (?:). The brevity and elegance introduced by this operator in the code is unparalleled. We had IIF in all the previous versions of, which was not an operator in the true sense (It was a call to a function). But now with Visual Studio 2008, we have ...

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