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VB Team in India

The VB Team is coming to India next week! Alan Griver ( and I will be visiting five cities for the final leg of the 2004 VB World Tour. It will be great to see India and meet up with VB developers over there.We'll be in:Bangalore: 11/30 and 12/1Mumbai: 12/1 and 12/2Chennai: 12/3 through 12/6Hyderabad: 12/7 and 12/...

Versioning Guidelines for Whidbey

Developers in the Bay area! Next week, John Rivard, a tech lead on the Visual Basic team, will be talking about best practices and gotchas when versioning .NET assemblies. Here's the talk abstract: This presentation addresses the topic of versioning .NET assemblies. By introducing side-by-side assemblies and a side-by-side assembly store, ....

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