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Where is the VB Team going to be over the next few months? (Lisa Feigenbaum)

We have quite a few trips coming up over the next couple months, and we want to connect with you while we’re on the road. Here is our plan. Let us know where we can find you. ;-)  October 6-7, 2008 Software Development Conference 2008: Beth Massi October 8-10, 2008TechEd Hong Kong:

LINQ to SQL (and LINQ to Entities) performance improvements (Tim Ng)

Over the last few months, the VB and Data Programmability teams were working on fixing a performance problem with LINQ to SQL (which also manifested in LINQ to Entities). The issue was that LINQ to SQL was generating sub optimal T-SQL queries when the VB LINQ queries included filters over nullable columns. For example, consider the following ...

VB expression trees – string comparisons

Hey there! Last time, I talked a little bit about expression trees and what they are useful for. Expression trees are really interesting to those who want to write LINQ providers and have the ability to reason about the lambda expressions coming into their LINQ provider. However, in general, anyone that want's to reason about a lambda ...

Lambda Expressions and Expression Trees

Hi there! My name is Tim, and I'm the dev lead for the VB compiler team. Recently Amanda convinced me to blog on the VB team blog rather then my own blog for a variety of reasons, and so here I am. My current plan is that I'll post VB related postings here, and more compiler implementation/technology/fun facts on my own blog (ie, things that ...