Kinect SDK v1.5 – Now with VB Samples !!!


As developers start to realize the full potential of Microsoft Kinect and new hardware is made available for the PC it’s really great to see the Kinect team provide some sample support for VB developers.   

For a while the Compilers team (who handle both VB and C# compilers) have been hearing VB developers  asking for content on new technologies and have been working with other product teams to ensure VB developers get some content in a timely manner. 

The Kinect team has included a “Basics” series of samples with language coverage in C++, C# and Visual Basic.  Kudos to the Kinect team for realizing that VB developers also want to use their cool technology.       Although not every sample has a VB equivalent, there is definitely enough content to get VB developers and running with this amazing technology and the great potential this opens up for interacting with you applications.   

The new version of the SDK is able to be used with existing Kinect for Xbox360 hardware for you own personal development purposes and this should get you going if you happen to have one lying around, however the newer more advanced Windows Sensor is definitely recommended and should be planned for if you want to do anything for public release.

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