Announcing Microsoft “Roslyn” June 2012 CTP

Anthony D. Green [MSFT]

Hey, fellow VBs,

Today, we’re excited to announce that the Roslyn June 2012 CTP is now available for download!

Since the first public release of Roslyn, we’ve been hard at work implementing new language features, addressing top customer feedback from the October CTP, iterating on our API design and improving performance across our IDE and compiler scenarios.  With the recent release of Visual Studio 2012 RC, we have updated the Roslyn CTP to work with Visual Studio 2012 RC.  There’s never been a better time to grab the VS 2012 RC and the Roslyn CTP!

You can find an in-depth look at what’s new in the Roslyn June 2012 CTP on Jason Zander’s blog and the Visual Studio blog.  The CTP ships with a number of documents that provide an excellent way to get started – start with the overview document, and then move on to the walkthroughs.  The syntax visualizer is particularly an invaluable tool for exploring the Roslyn Syntax API. Also, stay tuned for more posts on this blog using the API to do cool things with VB!

As always, your feedback is a critical part of our design process!  Because it’s early in the project, we’re most interested in feedback around the API and understanding what scenarios you’d like to accomplish. Please get involved in the discussion about Roslyn on our forums. You can also file bugs on our Connect site. Some of the team members are also on Twitter, and will be keeping an eye on the #RoslynCTP hashtag.






About the Author

Anthony is a Program Manager on the Visual Basic and C# Languages team primarily responsible for the Roslyn compilers and Compiler APIs and is a member of both the Visual Basic Language Design team and the Roslyn Design team.


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