Translating Literature Into PowerShell

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James O’Neill got it into his head that he could translate literature into PowerShell.  He has a hilarious one-line Waiting for Godot and a one screen MacBeth HERE

Dmitry Sotnikov picked up the challenge and has a Hamlet blog HERE.

I like the idea and have decided to do the world a favor and finish the job that Jean Paul Satre’s editors failed to do.  Here is “No Exit

           While ($True) { $OtherPeople = “Hell” } Exit

[Monday evening update: I decided this was a better interpretation of NoExit] 

I bet old Jean Paul was the life at a party!

I remember a great story about Kurt Vonnegut speaking at a book fair and during the Q&A a 13 year old boy asked the following question:  “Mr Vonnegut, I’ve read all your books and it seems like what you are trying to say is, ‘Life comes and goes but courtesy must prevail'”.  Vonnegut replied something to the effect that he was taken aback the his entire literary career could be so accurately stated in a single statement and that he was going to have to have a severe discussion with his editors. 

So with a great deal of respect, I give you the entire works of Kurt Vonnegut:

          While ($NotDead) {$Courtesy = $True }

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