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During the Week of WPF, someone requested an example of how to minimize the PowerShell window.

Here’s a quick module to make it happen.  Copy/paste the code below into Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Packages\PowerShell\PowerShell.psm1

$script:showWindowAsync = Add-Type –memberDefinition @”
public static extern bool ShowWindowAsync(IntPtr hWnd, int nCmdShow);
“@ -name “Win32ShowWindowAsync” -namespace Win32Functions –passThru

function Show-PowerShell() {
     $null = $showWindowAsync::ShowWindowAsync((Get-Process –id $pid).MainWindowHandle, 10)

function Hide-PowerShell() {
    $null = $showWindowAsync::ShowWindowAsync((Get-Process –id $pid).MainWindowHandle, 2)

Now you can use the code below to Show and Hide PowerShell:

Add-Module PowerShell
# Minimize PowerShell
sleep 2
# Then Restore it

Hope this Helps,
James Brundage[MSFT]


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