Sad State of Blogging Software

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The state of blogging software is pretty sad.  I must be a harder problem than I can imagine (of course there are other explainations but I’ll be gracious and go with that one for now.)

I started a entry, got distracted and posted another blog entry.  The next day, I came to my computer and noticed that I hadn’t finished my original post so I finished it and posted it.  The blogging software then posted my entry BEFORE the previous one.  Apparently the software uses the datetime that you STARTED the entry (not the datetime you SUBMITTED) for ordering purposes.  As a result, a number of people come to the blog, see the “last entry” has not changed and then don’t go reading through the rest of the entries to see if something new was inserted.  Silly readers. 

Anyway – apologizes for that boof-a-rama.  There is a post that I think is really worth reading at:


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