PowerShellGet 3.0 Preview 6 Release

Sydney Smith

Since our last blog post we have released two preview versions (previews 4 and 6) of the PowerShellGet 3.0 module. These releases have introduced publish functionality, repository wildcard search, and fixed error handling when a repository is not accessible in Find-PSResource. Note that preview 5 was unlisted due to a packaging error discovered post-publish.

To install the latest version module, open any PowerShell console and run:

Install-Module PowerShellGet -Force -AllowPrerelease -Repository PSGallery

Highlights of the releases

Preview 4 (3.0.0-beta4) Highlights

New Feature

Wildcard search for the -Repository parameter in Find-PSResource. This allows the user to return results from all registered PSRepositories instead of just their prioritized repository. To use this feature add -Repository '*' to your call to Find-PSResource.

Bug Fix

Fixed poor error handling for when repository is not accessible in Find-PSResource.

Preview 6 (3.0.0-beta6) Highlight

New Feature

The cmdlet Publish-PSResource was introduced which allows users to publish PowerShell resources to any registered PSRepository.

What’s next

We have 3 planned upcoming releases for the module:

  • The Preview 7 release will focus on update functionality, along with several bug fixes that have been reported by users through our preview releases.
  • The Release Candidate (RC) release will resolve any remaining bugs not resolved in our Preview 6 release.
  • The 3.0 General Availability (GA) release will be the same as the RC version so long as no blocking or high-risk bugs are found in the release candidate. If there are any blocking or high-risk bugs, we will release another release candidate before GA.

Migration to PowerShellGet 3.0

We hope to ship the the latest preview of PowerShellGet 3.0 in the next preview of PowerShell 7.1 (preview 6). The goal for this version of PowerShellGet, which will ship in PowerShell 7.1 preview 6, is to contain a compatibility module that will enable scripts with PowerShell 2.x cmdlets (ex. Install-Module) to be run using the PowerShellGet 3.0 module. This means that users will likely not need to update their scripts to use PowerShellGet 2.x cmdlets with PowerShell 7.1. It is important to note, as well, that on systems which contain any other version of PowerShell, the PowerShellGet 2.x module will still be available and used.

We hope to ship PowerShellGet 3.0 with a compatibility layer into PowerShell 7.1 as the sole version of PowerShellGet in the package. However, we will only do this if we reach GA, with a high bar for release quality, in time for the PowerShell 7.1 release candidate.

How to get support and give feedback

We cannot overstate how critical user feedback is at this stage in the development of the module. Feedback from preview releases help inform design decisions without incurring a breaking change once generally available and used in production. To help us to make key decisions around the behavior of the module please give us feedback by opening issues in our GitHub repository.

Sydney Smith PowerShell Team


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  • Mystery Man 0

    Here is hoping that PowerShellGet 3.0 takes off.

    You know, I like the PowerShell team more than any other team in Microsoft, because you guys react well. But also, you should seriously consider showing something cool that can be done with PowerShellGet 3.0 each time you write about it. That’s the difference between a blog post and a log.

    • Max Weisenberger 0

      I think showcasing something new with PowerShellGet 3.0 is a great idea too.

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