MMS Partner Presentation: Windows Management Framework

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MMS Partner Day focuses on ISVs that produce products for Windows and System Center.  I talked to them about the Windows Management Framework (WMF) and encouraged them all to check it out and begin using it to build their products.  WMF is a download which combines PowerShell V2,  WINRM 2.0 and BITS 4.0 and is available on XP SP3 and above machines. 

I’ve attached the PPT below.  The Call to Action for this talk was:

  • Provide your managed components as:
    • WMI providers
    • CIM schema surfaced via WSMAN (if you aren’t running on windows e.g. a network device)
    • PowerShell Cmdlets
  • Consume BOTH WMI and PowerShell managed objects
  • Evaluate how WMF can help you provide/consume remote management capabilities
  • Use the WMF and MBCA V2.0 in your products
  • Let us know what you need.


Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Distinguished Engineer
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Windows Management Framework MMS 2010 .pptx


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