Meet the Exchange Superstars!

PowerShell Team

Now you can meet the superstars (Vivek Sharma and Mihai Jalobeanu) behind the Exchange Management Shell in a video interview at:

You can also get a demo of the Exchange Management Shell (which is Windows PowerShell with Exchange snap-ins) at:

Great friends are not the people that tell you the things you want to hear, great friends are the people that tell you the things you didn’t want to hear but tell you in a way that you listen.  You know how I keep saying “to ship is to choose”?  Well Vivek and Mihai have been great partners, being frank and honest about when and where we screwed up in applying this policy.  For example, they were very clear that we had fallen short in what we were giving our customers for Help.   They championed the dramatic changes in the help system that you’ll all see in RC2.  I think you’ll be thrilled. 

If you are a Windows PowerShell user, you owe a great deal to thanks to Vivek and Mihai.  These guys have been awesome customer advocates and driven a bunch of great changes that benefit everyone.  

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows PowerShell/Aspen Architect
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