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Have you see the totally cool new ads for Windows server 2008 at ?

This is one of the best things I think I’ve ever seen our Marketing dept ever developed and they feature this awesome looking robot:


3 cheers to the superstars in Microsoft Marketing!

I just LOVE this guy!  I’ve decided to declare him the informal PowerShell mascot.  Stick a flag on him – he’s ours.  🙂

After all, what conveys automation better than a robot? 

The problem is that I can’t think of a good name for him.  That’s where you come in.  What should we name him?  (I’m open to being convinced that it is a her but if you watch the way this thing moves, I think you’ll agree that it is a guy).

There is no prize besides fame and our eternal goodwill but it is a worthy thing to contribute to. 

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