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Ken Taylor has a PowerShell blog over on LiveSpaces. Today he posted a blog entry, Enabling RDP with PowerShell, that had me jumping for joy as a perfect example of the Admin Development Model in action. The whole point of the admin development model is that you use tools to quickly investigate the system and manage it. Ken needed to enable RDP on a remote Server and remembered that it was possible to do via WMI. Read his blog for the steps he used to quickly and easily investigate the system to find exactly want he needed to do within 2 minutes!.

The only thing Ken didn’t do was to encode this information in a script for sharing with others. I’ll do that there:

Function Enable-RDP ($Server)
{ $Terminal = Get-WmiObject Win32_Terminal –Computer $Server

The particular solution is not the point, the way he thought about the problem and the steps he took to solve it are.

Hats off to you Ken!

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