The Old New Thing

Introducing the unrolled-switch anti-pattern

Over the years, I've seen a bunch of coding anti-patterns. I figured maybe I'll share a few. Today, I'll introduce what I'm calling the unrolled-switch anti-pattern, also known as "Specialization is always faster, right?" As we all know, special-case code is faster than general-purpose code. Instead of writing slow general-purpose code...
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If posting here is frequently frustrating and irritating, why do I keep doing it?

Appreciator wonders, if I find posting here frequently frustrating and irritating, why I keep doing it anyway? Imagine I announced one day, "This is too frustrating and annoying. I'm going to stop now." To the rest of the world, this would "mean something." People would discuss in hushed tones—and for the Internet, hushed tones means ...