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Announcing the OpenCL™ and OpenGL® Compatibility Pack for Windows 10 on ARM

The OpenCL and OpenGL to DirectX 12 mapping layers are now available in the Microsoft Store as the OpenCL™ and OpenGL® Compatibility Pack. We’re excited to talk more about the project and share one specific use case: Photoshop on Windows 10 on ARM.

In the works: OpenCL™ and OpenGL® mapping layers to DirectX

Building on our previous work with the D3D12 Translation Layer library as well as the D3D11On12 and D3D9On12 mapping layers, we’re happy to share that we are working on two new projects: OpenCL and OpenGL mapping layers to D3D12.

D3D12 Translation Layer and D3D11On12 are now open source

If you’re a developer looking to port your game to DX12, we have good news: The D3D12 Translation Layer, a helper library for translating graphics concepts and commands from a D3D11-style domain to a D3D12-style domain, is now open source. As an example of how to use the library, we have also opened sourced the D3D11On12 mapping layer.