Agility SDK 1.600.10 – minor bugfix release

Amar Patel

Short on the heels of 1.700.10-preview, we’ve published another Agility SDK, version 1.600.10, a release build containing a fix for a raytracing related threading bug in previous Agility SDK releases.  There were intermittent crashes in the runtime for apps doing multithreaded creation of raytracing state objects.

Head to Agility SDK Downloads to grab it.

We recommend using version 1.600.10 if your app has been affected by this issue.  Otherwise, SDK version 1.4.10 is still recommended SDK for developers looking for our most stable release.

How does 1.600.10 relate to 1.700.10?

1.600.10 and 1.700.10 are built from a virtually identical codebase.  The difference is that 1.700.10 enables some new preview functionality and requires developer mode to use, whereas 1.600.10 is a shippable release.

Note about 1.600.10’s stability

Ideally the fix for the threading bug would have been made in isolation on top of the previous release build of the Agility SDK (1.4.10).

Unfortunately, this was not possible due to build infrastructure changes, which is hopefully a one-time issue. The SDK 1.600.10 runtime reflects the current state of the D3D12 codebase including code churn unrelated to the bug fix, such as support for preview features that are disabled here, but exposed in 1.700.10.

This code churn means that there is some risk of bugs/regressions that have not been noticed yet in internal testing. If there are issues, it appears more likely they will show up as bugs in debug layer validation, but there could also be issues lurking in the runtime as well.

Please report any issues that you observe to us and we’ll release fixes in subsequent Agility SDK releases. You can get hold of us via the DirectX Discord server.

Driver Support

As long as a driver supports 1.4.9, it will support 1.600.10. For more on this, please see here.


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