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Brian Harry

I have been thinking a lot lately about how to demonstrate the value of what we are doing in our Rosario release.  There is so much and there are so many ways to talk about it.  The first idea I stumbled across was what I call “Wow!” demos.  The goal would be to create a set of demos that show how Team System enables people to solve a really hard problem that lots of people face.  They would not be “feature” focused demos.  They would focus on the problem and the solution and cut across any feature areas that are involved.  By design they would not show every feature of the product (after all, there are plenty of features that don’t make people say “Wow!” when they see them).  I imagine creating 3-5 minute demos that highlight the value (and I’ve sketched out an initial draft of a set of demos). The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that there’s a need for more than this.  Because, to accomplish what I’m trying to get, you can’t show features deeply.  So I stepped back to create a broader taxonomy of demos and came up with this:

  1. Wow! Demos – described above
  2. Feature Demos – depth demos in particular feature areas that particularly enable to you see the differences between the new version and the previous version.  They demonstrate the full capability of features.
  3. How To Demos – tackle the problem of taking the myriad of scenarios and show step by step how to do each one.

I was presenting this taxonomy in a team discussion the other day and someone pointed out that we already have tons of “How To” demos.  I’ve just been purusing them and they look pretty good so I wanted to share them. There are a ton of videos on a “How do I” page on MSDN. There is a new phenomenon called “Radio TFS” with some really great drilldowns, demos and interviews. The team is now working on demos in all 3 categories and I hope to start posting them in the coming weeks.  That along with a CTP update so you can try it out yourself will make for a terrific way to see what’s coming.





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