VSTS codename 'Rosario' Specifications begin to arrive

Brian Harry

During the VS 2008 product cycle, we started several new initiatives to increase transparency.  Some of them continued strong and some of them sputtered.  We are breathing new life into a couple of them.  The first to be reinvigorated it the specification publishing process.  We’ll be publishing early previews of specs for our Rosario release here.  Right now, you will find 3 specs on TFS improvements there.  It is my sincere desire to increase both the count and breadth of the specs that are available. To help focus the energy around the published specs, we have also created a forum for discussions around them.  I’m thrilled to see that someone has already read some of them and commented.  The more you read and comment, the more program managers will be motivated to publish their specs.  They all want the feedback but preparing specs for publishing has a cost and they don’t want to do it unless people read them and give good feedback.  So… I hope this will be a virtuous cycle, that the more we publish, the more feedback you’ll give and the more feedback you give, the more we’ll publish. It’s important to keep in mind that by publishing specs before we’ve actually built the feature, we are giving you access to very early information that is highly subject to change.  In fact, that’s the point.  We want you to help us change it by making it better before we build it rather than afterwards. Matt Mitrik is the Program Manager here who is organizing the spec review process.  You can read more about it on his blog. We look forward to hearing from you!



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