VS Team Services Update – March 3

Brian Harry

We just completed our sprint 96 deployment and everyone should now have all the new capabilities.  You can read more about what’s new in the VS Team Services Release notes.  This was a particularly plentiful sprint – with updates across most of the product – Agile planning, testing, Git, package management, gated checking support for TFVC in build.vnext, IntelliJ, and release management. Certainly the gated checkin support was very highly requested and it’s great to see that go live.  Get test results integration into release management is really nice.  Squash merge on pull requests has also been a hot item with people using Git heavily.  Lots of good stuff. You’ll also notice that we are just starting to scratch the surface on some Office 365 integration, which I’ve been hearing increasing requests for. This is the first sprint that pretty much nothing will make it into the TFS 2015 Update 2 on-premises release.  That release is locked down and getting ready to go.  We’ll get all of this great stuff to on-premises customers as soon as we can. Brian


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