Visual Studio 2013.1 RC is Available

Brian Harry

We are doing a pretty quick turn of the crank on VS 2013 Update 1.  Originally we were thinking our first Update would take a little longer but for a variety of reasons (most prominently the feedback about VS supporting versions of IE before IE 10), we decided to do a quick initial Update focused on just some key bug fixes.  Our first significant “feature Update” is still planned for the first half of 2014. You can download the RC here: You can read the KB article (including the list of fixes) here: This is a “go-live” RC so it should be safe to install in a production environment and it will be fully upgradable to the final release of Update 1. Be aware that there will *not* be any TFS 2013 Update 1 – we’re only updating Visual Studio at this time.  We will include an update of TFS along with the next Visual Studio Update in the spring some time.  I didn’t really figure anyone wanted to update their TFS server that often and there weren’t really any urgent issues to address. Thanks,



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