Update on backing up TFS with Sharepoint

Brian Harry

A few weeks ago we released a new Power Tool to help you with backing up your TFS server.  I blogged about it, including how you can backup Sharepoint and Reporting Services as well.  Someone asked me if we had verified with the Sharepoint team that the transaction marking we do doesn’t invalidate Sharepoint supportability.  The early feedback we had from the Sharepoint team was that it was not a problem.  We’ve done a deeper review with them and they’ve concluded that the changes we make to Sharepoint DO, in fact, violate the Sharepoint support agreement.  As such, I encourage you to uncheck the Sharepoint checkbox in the TFS Backup Power Tool.  We are already planning the next Power Tool update and we will change the way backing up Sharepoint works so that we don’t do anything that is unsupported.  I appologize for the misstep.  For now you will need to back up Sharepoint separately and on your own.  Our next Power Tool update will, once again, incorporate backing up Sharepoint along with TFS.



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