Orcas Beta 2 is Available!

Brian Harry

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to write something up right now, but I wanted to let you know that Orcas Beta 2 is available today.  You can download it here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/default.aspx You can also read more about it on Soma’s blog here: http://blogs.msdn.com/somasegar/archive/2007/07/26/announcing-the-release-of-visual-studio-2008-beta-2-net-fx-3-5-beta-2-and-silverlight-1-0-rc.aspx The short of it is this…

  • Beta 2 is available!
  • We believe it is very high quality
  • It’s ready for production use – we’ve been using TFS for over a month
  • We’re working on an agreement with Customer Support to support TFS Beta 2 servers for customers who deploy it in a production environment.
  • The Orcas server is compatable with TFS2005 clients and the TFS2005 server are compatable with the Orcas clients.
  • We are VERY eager to hear your feedback.  Use http://connect.microsoft.com to file bugs and http://forums.microsoft.com/ to ask questions.  Put comments on this post if you like 🙂

In the next few days I’ll be publishing a post with the final Orcas feature set for TFS (did I mention it’s basically done? :)).  We’re looking for your feedback.  We’ve got a few bugs left to fix and we’ve got some more testing and release process to go and then we’ll be shipping it.  I think our public statement is that it will ship by the end of the year. Enjoy!




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