May DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

Brian Harry

It’s been a pretty uneventful month on our Dogfood server.  I almost decided not to post about it but I figured what the heck.  The most exciting thing is that we have our Orcas Beta 2 dogfood server upgrade happening this weekend.  This should be an indication to you that we think our Orcas Beta 2 server is approaching ready.  There will be some more bug fixes before we are done with it but we are feeling pretty good about it.  This upgrade is also the first to use the revamped setup and customer ready upgrade experience that will be available in Orcas Beta 2.  It’s been a good exercise because we’ve found some bugs in it. Along with the upgrade to Orcas Beta 2, we are switching the TFS data tier to a clustered SQL Server configuration for reliability.  Also, because we had some problems in this config with SP1 and one way to make sure that never happens again is to use that config ourselves. I’m not expecting any major changes in performance or stability but I’ll let you know how it went in a week or so – once it’s up there are we have used it enough to have useful info. On the statistics front – overall, the division is heads down bug fixing and preparing for the Orcas Beta 2 release.  As a result overall activity/growth on the dogfood server is down a bit.  I suspect it will stay down for a few more months as that’s just the phase of the product cycle we are in.  The notable stats from below are:

  • We are approaching 100,000,000 files on the server (about 98M now).
  • We are approaching 250,000 work items


  • Recent users: 1,031 (down 16)
  • Users with assigned work items: 2,770 (up 27)
  • Version control users: 2,324 (up 75)

Work Items

  • Work Items: 226,340 (up 17,004)
  • Areas & Iterations: 7,394 (up 8)
  • Work item versions: 1,885,212 (up 162,804)
  • Attached files: 79,608 (up 6,493)
  • Queries: 17,161 (up 696)

Version control

  • Files/Folders: 81,244,653/17,235,264 (up 3,586,001/up 847,285)
  • Total compressed file size: 882,322 MB (up 102,236 MB)
  • Checkins: 218,507 (up 13,951)
  • Shelvesets: 10,186 (up 830)
  • Merge history: 187,408,524 (up 7,462,762)
  • Pending changes: 2,649,435 (up 24,067)
  • Workspaces: 5,197 (up 413)
  • Local copies: 568,033,369 (up 60,357,685)

Commands (last 7 days)

  • Work Item queries: 158,655 (down 372,453)
  • Work Item updates: 36,207 (down 180,070)
  • Work Item opens: 84,591 (down 189,131)
  • Gets: 69,890 (down 102,098)
  • Downloads: 24,024,219 (up 5,881,445)
  • Checkins: 3,356 (down 7,191)
  • Uploads: 166,944 (down 95,431)
  • Shelves: 1,151 (up 71)

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