Announcing Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2)

Brian Harry

Today we released the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2).  It’s exciting to see the next update of VS working it’s way to completion.  There’s going to be a ton of cool new capabilities in Update 2.  Not all of them are available in this CTP but many are.  Below, I’ve described the significant improvement’s that you’ll find in this CTP and I’ve grouped them into 4 categories:

  1. Agile Planning
  2. Quality Enablement
  3. Line of Business Development
  4. Developer Experience

This CTP is NOT a “go-live” CTP.  It is for evaluation only.  We’re trying to learn from Update 1 and get feedback earlier in the cycle.  We will be having “go-live” pre-releases of Update 2 in order to facilitate that but not quite yet.

You can download the CTP here:

You can ask questions and provide feedback on our forums or Connect.

Agile Planning


Work item tagging – New work item tags provide categorization and filtering of work items.  Easily add tags to items and then filter by them in both backlog and work item query views in Team Web Access.

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Send work items via email – Ability to send a work item as an email message in Team Web Access


Quality Enablement


Test Hub in Team Web Access – Lightweight browser-based test management and execution to enable manual testing on systems where you can’t install Test Professional.  Including the ability to view and edit test cases in a test plan and run manual test cases.

Image 6712 image 25513276

Image 5635 image 78C8028F

Some test process customization – Customize the list of possible test resolution and failure types.

Group unit tests by class – Another way to easily categorize/organize tests.

Image 7701 image 71959396

Playlists – Easily create arbitrary groups of unit tests, save them and run them.

Image 4135 image 2225501F

Fakes & stubs in Premium – We have decided to include Fakes & Stubs in VS Premium (in addition to Ultimate) to allow unit tests to be more easily shared across the whole team.

Windows Phone app unit testing – You can now write/run unit tests on your Windows Phone apps.

Windows store app testing improvements – A [UITestMethod] attribute that will cause a unit test to run on the UI thread and Assert.ThrowsException<T> to validate exceptions thrown in async Lamda expressions.

Improved cross browser testing support – Extended “Title smart match” support to Chrome and FireFox to find windows more reliably and added the ability to inject Javascript from inside a CodedUI test to automate test steps that are otherwise difficult to do.


Line of Business Development

Improved Sharepoint load testing – Building on the Sharepoint load testing ability introduced in Update 1, we’ve taken customer feedback and added additional support, like InfoPath, Excel services, Office Web Companions, workflows and more.

Office 2013 Support – We’ve now added support across our tooling for Office/Sharepoint 2013 support, including development, Coded UI testing, load testing, Intellitrace and more.


Developer Experience

Blend for VS 2012 – We’ve added back Blend for VS 2012, including support for WPF, Silverlight and Sketchflow.

Image 7282 image thumb 15B92104

CodeMap & Debugger integration – Easily add a call stack to a CodeMap to explore code dependencies from your debugging session.

Image 1856 clip image001 4F984BF0

Visual Studio Blue Theme – We’ve incorporated the popular the VS “Blue” theme that we released on VSGallery into Update 2.

Image 1738 image thumb 3C1B044F

Performance improvements in the XAML designer – particularly with respect to load time.

Build and Deploy Windows phone apps from the command line – Enable build and deploy workflows of Windows Phone projects from the command line.

New “Connect” page in Team Explorer – Makes it easier to find and connect to your project – local or remote.

Image 1325 image thumb 5BC9DE17

Improved version control experience in Team Web Access – Improved UI for browsing source, checkins and comparing files from the web.

Image 4137 image thumb 7B78B7DF


Profiler events timeline – An events timeline for Windows store HTML/JS applications.

Image 5224 Timeline thumb 21DA9B2B

We’re excited about what’s coming in Update and, as always, we look forward to your feedback.



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