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Update on TFS Adoption at Microsoft

Every month we take stock of how TFS adoption is going.  I thought I'd share some of the results with you this month.  Overall, it is going strong but we are starting to see a leveling off in the number of regular users at about 15,000.  We've got some new teams in the pipeline but I think we are starting to level out on the ...
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Combining Team Development & Database Editions

We announced last week that we would be providing "two for the price of one" by combining the Team System Development Edition and Team System Database Edition.  The offer went into effect yesterday and more details are coming out now.  You can read an FAQ on the change and visit this site to see it and learn more.Brian...
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Preview of the next TFS Power Tools release

Time for a little bit of a teaser post... We've been working on the next Power Tools release for Team Foundation Server 2008 for a while now.  I think I mentioned before that we really wanted to make this next release a "major" Power Tools release and I'm happy to report that I think we have accomplished it.  I think you ...
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VSTS 2008 Database Edition GDR September CTP is Available

We've just released a new CTP for the GDR update of the Team System Database Edition product that adds support for SQLServer 2008.  This is the last CTP and the team is really looking for your feedback to ensure that they've gotten it right.  Read more about it on Gert's Blog:
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