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Some guidelines for building TFS tools

Our MS IT group pulled together some "best practice" guidelines for building applications against TFS.  We did this because we've started to see people build some internally that put a lot more load on the server than they really should.  They just sent me a final draft to review and it looks pretty good, so I thought I'd share it.&...
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A Bit on Power Toy Philosophy

We're getting ready to release a ton of new TFS Power Toy news in the next few days and as I've been preparing for it, I've found myself reflecting on what Power Toys are about.  I don't pretend to be pontificating any official Microsoft policy here but I wanted to share a few thoughts. Some Background (skip if you don't care) We (the TFS...
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(Nearly) Last VSTS Training update

Last week I told you about the great success we had with the Beta teach of our 300 level training.  Well today I got what I believe is the final schedule for content delivery - And I'm pleased to say that it's sooner than I led you to believe.  Our current delivery expectations are as follows: Now for the caveats...  Of ...
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Chat with the VSTS Product group!

Next Wed 9/6 at 10:00am PDT we are holding an MSDN chat with members of the VSTS product group.  Come join us and bring your favorite questions.  Get the inside scoop on current (and maybe even some future) features.  There should be good representations of all of the VSTS teams. I'm planning to be there are would love to hear ...
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