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VS6 TFS MSSCCI Provider is now available

I've been promising it for a while now and I appologize that it took so long.  I won't regale you with all of the excuses.  However, it is now available for download here. To refresh your memory...  This component will allow users of VS6 (VB6, VC6, etc) and almost any other IDE (there are like 50 or so) that supports the ...
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TFS Scalability

For a while now I've been alluding to the fact that we'd be updating our guidance on the size of teams that Team Foundation Server will support.  While we still have some work left to do to pin down the spectrum of team sizes that different classes of servers will support I'm happy to announce some exciting news.  We're ...
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TFS December CTP is available

See the details at I want to reemphasize, this is NOT a "go-live" release.  You should not upgrade your production servers.  This is a preview release for you to install on a VPC or other reimagable machine to see what changes we've made.  There are lots of bug fixes, ...
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"Concurrent" users

Very frequently I get requests asking "how many concurrent users does Team Foundation Server support"?   I really don't like this question.  What is a "concurrent user"?  In a stateless request/response web based application, there really is no such notion.  However enough people really want to know that I spent half ...
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VS6 MSSCCI Provider for TFS

I'm pleased to announce that a pre-release version of a MSSCCI provider for Team Foundation Server will be available shortly.  This provider will allow the version control functionality of TFS to be accessed from within VS6 (and many other IDEs).  This provider is going to be an unsupported tool and won't be an official part of ...
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Why TFS labels aren't like SourceSafe labels

I'm keeping my eye out for reasonable "short" blog topics as all of mine seem to be pretty long :)  There was a question today on one of our internal aliases about why labels in TFS don't show up in the history display the way they do in SourceSafe.  The originator was under the impression that labels were not available in the UI.&...
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A Branching and Merging Primer

Hmm, OK I guess I jumped too quickly into using unfamiliar terminology.  Let me step back and define some of the concepts/terms a little more and then hopefully that last post will make more sense. The Source Tree Let’s start with what the source tree in the Developer Division looks like.  It has the following top level folders...
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Branch structure in Developer Division at Microsoft

I've seen a lot of people looking for more information on Team Project organization and branching.  The Version Control PMs are putting together some good whitepapers on it.  Recently, however, there have been some questions about how we do branching at Microsoft so I figured I'd wade into that in my blog.  I'm most familiar ...
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How many users will your Team Foundation Server support?

The information on server sizing in this blog post is no longer up to date.  This was very early guidance before we had done many measurements.  See and later posts on my blog for more up to date information on our recommendations. ---------------------- We're deep into...
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