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SQL Server 2019 on RHEL8 container now available on Iron Bank-DoD’s Centralized Artifacts Repository

SQL Server container images can now be used in highly-controlled environments, such as federal government, DoD, and Defense Industrial Base organizations, where the prerequisite to leverage any container image is that it must be hardened and accredited. To get started, you can download the container image from Iron Bank. 

Meetup replay: Cloud DemoPalooza – Gov Style

Last month, we challenged the Azure Government user community to share 15-minute demos to showcase cool tech to help accelerate your cloud implementations. During our September meetup, Cloud DemoPalooza – Gov Style, we heard from Snowflake, General Dynamics IT, CGI Federal and Microsoft on everything from data warehouse-as-a-service to tech ...

Bringing Azure SQL Data Warehouse and SQL Server Stretch Database to the Azure Government database family

(image) Following the arrival of SQL Database v12, we’d like to announce the general availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure SQL Stretch Database in Microsoft Azure Government. Azure SQL Data Warehouse Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a cloud-based, fully managed database capable of processing massive amounts of data, both relational...