WANTED: Your feedback on a potential Quick Search & Navigate feature (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Lisa Feigenbaum

We’ve started a new page on Code Gallery called “Future Focus”, to collect your feedback on ideas that we’re considering for future versions of Visual Studio.

The latest post is regarding an IDE feature to help you quickly search for and navigate to symbols in your code. Please see a description of the feature here:

Please leave your feedback on this feature here:


DISCLAIMER: It is important that readers of Future Focus topics have the right expectations. The information presented is not a binding commitment nor is it necessarily our most current design. The Visual Studio schedule, unforeseen technical problems, intellectual property rights and competitive pressures may impact our schedule or our ability to share our plans. Future focus is not designed to present a detailed specification of future features. Instead, its purpose is to outline in broad strokes, and easy to understand terms, the directions the team might take in the future. We will read all comments submitted to Future Focus, and consider them in our designs.


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