Happy 10th Birthday to the Italian VB Tips and Tricks Community! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Lisa Feigenbaum

“Visual Basic Tips & Tricks” is an Italian online community that was started 10 years ago today. To be exact, the first tips were actually published in 1996 on a personal web page of the founder and leader, Gianluca Cannalire. However, the group recognizes the first day of the “real community” as December 8th 1998, when a web portal was created with articles, forums, mailing lists, downloads, and tips. “Visual Basic Tips & Tricks” currently hosts 36,300 subscribers, and is the second largest Italian development community!

Visit it here: http://community.visual-basic.it/

The Microsoft Visual Basic team would like to thank all the people in the “VB T&T” community that share their knowledge, experiences and real life scenarios on the site every day, and congratulate them on their 10 years. In honor of this special event, we’ve created a fun video for you to enjoy. 🙂

Video: http://www.visual-basic.it/happybirthday_wmv.asp


In this video: Karen Liu (Lead IDE Program Manager), Kevin Halverson (VB Compiler Test Team), Lucian Wischik (VB Specification Lead), Lisa Feigenbaum (VB Community Program Manager). Thanks to Lucian for baking the cake and leading us in Italian, and to Kathleen McGrath (Visual Studio Content Architect) as well who produced the video.


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