Channel 9 Interview – Visual Basic Intellisense Improvements in VS 2008 (Beth Massi)

Beth Massi

I just posted an interview with Lisa on Channel9 that you’ll probably want to check out — showing the new and much much imporoved Intellisense for Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2008:

In this interview Lisa Feigenbaum, a Program Manager on the Visual Basic Editor, shows us all the improvements made to the Intellisense support in Visual Basic including keyword and local variable Intellisense, new language feature support, and top customer requests. Although every feature is important, the biggest chunk of the work this cycle was supporting the new language features including LINQ. As Lisa puts it, “The most time was actually spent on the language features because the compiler team went crazy this release” [laughter ensues].

Join Lisa and I as she demonstrates exactly what we can look forward to with Visual Basic Intellisense in Visual Studio 2008!


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