Channel 9 Interview – John Stallo on Building N-Tier Applications in VS 2008 (Beth Massi)

Beth Massi

I just posted an interview on Channel 9 with John Stallo talking about some cool tools in Visual Studio 2008 that will help you build simple N-Tier applications. Thanks to Kathleen again for helping with the shoot! This time we got fancy and used two camera angles ;-):

Building N-Tier Applications in Visual Studio 2008
In this in interview John Stallo, a Program Manager on the Visual Basic Team, talks about WCF and simple N-Tier applications. He talks about a specific architecture scenario and some of the pain points we have building n-tier applications today. He then walks us through the improvements made in the DataSet Designer that physically separates the data access from the structure and validation code and then quickly creates a WCF service and a client that demonstrates this architecture.  

You’ll probably also want to check out the walk-through John posted here as well if you missed it.

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, you can view John’s picture and bio along with some of the other team members on the Visual Basic Team page.

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