Versioning Guidelines for Whidbey


Developers in the Bay area! Next week, John Rivard, a tech lead on the Visual Basic team, will be talking about best practices and gotchas when versioning .NET assemblies. Here’s the talk abstract:

This presentation addresses the topic of versioning .NET assemblies. By introducing side-by-side assemblies and a side-by-side assembly store, .NET comes with new design and technical challenges for shared assemblies. These guidelines present existing methodologies and specific recommendations for versioning, servicing, and deploying shared assemblies.

  • Setting and incrementing the assembly and file version numbers
  • Patterns for creating side-by-side and non-side-by-side types
  • Global servicing vs. per-application servicing
  • Deploying shared assemblies to the GAC or to application directories

This is sure to be a good talk. To register, you can go to the Bay.NET user group site at:

Please attend, ask tough questions, give us tons of feedback, and enjoy!


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