PIX 2308.30: updated plugins + bug fixes

Austin Kinross

Today we released PIX on Windows version 2308.30, which can be downloaded from this link.

This version of PIX is the same as our last main release, 2305.10, with the following changes:

  • An updated plugin for AMD hardware which supports new AMD devices. The plugin also adds support for High Frequency Counter graphs on Radeon RX 7000 series GPUs.
  • An updated plugin for NVIDIA hardware which supports new NVIDIA devices.
  • Bug fixes
    • GPU Captures: Fix potential crash at capture time, caused by race condition between descriptor heap capture and resource destruction
    • GPU Captures: Fix potential deadlock at capture time
    • Timing Captures: Fix invisible VSYNC markers
    • Timing Captures: Fix various potential crashes
    • Misc: log additional OS/driver version to the PIX output log, for easier debugging


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