PIX on Windows

Performance tuning and debugging for DirectX 12 games on Windows

GPU Captures: How we support placed and reserved resources

Quick Links   Summary   Recap: placed and reserved resources in D3D12 In D3D12, there are three types of resources: A committed resource has its own dedicated backing memory that isn’t shared with any other resource. This makes them relatively easy for PIX to capture...
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PIX 2008.26: Performance Improvements

Earlier today we released PIX on Windows version 2008.26, featuring a 100,000+ line rewrite of our component that takes GPU Captures. Morgan has described this release’s functional improvements in her blog post, but here we’ll take a closer look at the new performance improvements.    Recap: GPU Captures in PIX on Windows...
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Analyzing stalls and context switches in Timing Captures

A context switch occurs when a CPU core switches from executing code on one thread, to executing code on a different thread, or going to idle. When the OS switches the thread that is running on a CPU, it must save and restore state, both for the thread that is being switched out, and for the thread that is being switched in. This state, or ...
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