PIX on Windows

Performance tuning and debugging for DirectX 12 games on Windows

PIX 1703.20.002 – NVIDIA GPU counters, file IO traces, shader edit & continue, and pixel cost visualizer

Today we released PIX 1703.20.002 beta.  New in this release: NVIDIA GPU counters File IO traces Shader edit & continue Pixel Cost visualizer Improved Warnings UI.  Where possible, warning hyperlinks now point to the GPU rather than CPU event list. Added an option to disable Capture GPU timings when taking timing captures...

Using PIX on hybrid graphics systems

If you are using PIX on a laptop which contains both integrated and discrete GPUs, you may be disappointed to notice that we currently¹ default to running the PIX analysis engine on the less powerful integrated part. For those who prefer to use the discrete GPU, we have added documentation about how to configure that in your driver control ...
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