PIX 1806.11 – Fence signals and waits visualization, major UI streamlining, new Edit and Continue experience, and more

Brian Rasmussen (MSFT)

Today we released PIX 1806.11 which includes numerous new and updated features:

  • Timing captures now track and visualize fence signals and waits to help you understand synchronization issues.
    • We have updated the WinPixEventRuntime to allow you to name fences to make it easier to locate interesting fences in a capture. Please see the documentation for details.
  • We have streamlined the PIX UI to provide a more consistent appearance and better support for customizing your UI layout. We have simplified layouts to free up screen real-estate by moving auxiliary information and access to additional functionality into panels that can be shown or hidden as desired. Panels can be free-floating or docked to one of the four edges of its view.
  • Likewise, we have updated the Edit and Continue experience to make it easier to manage edits and observe effects of code changes. Shaders can be edited directly in the Pipeline view or more conveniently in the new Edits view which also gives you an overview of all the modified shaders. The new Edit menu item lets you switch between the original state of the shaders and the applied edits to allow you to inspect the effect of the modifications. Finally, the new Shader Sources view gives you a complete list of the shaders present in the capture.
  • The CPU sampling interval in Timing captures can now be customized to allow you to find a balance between the increased resolution you’ll get with more CPU samples and the additional overhead a higher sampling rate will incur.
  • PIX now supports shader resource tracking for DXIL based shaders.
  • Child process capture for 32-bit processes. This allows you to take GPU captures from games that use a launcher process such as Steam.
  • Improved DXR support. We have added additional details to GPU captures using DXR; the Resource History view now lists raytracing events and the State View shows details for DispatchRays calls.
  • Fixed several bugs. Thanks to all of you out there who reported issues!

As always, please let us know if you have feedback on any of the features in PIX on Windows.

Fence signal/wait visualization in timing captures Fence signal/wait visualization


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