PIX 1806.20 – GPU Occupancy for AMD GPUs

Brian Rasmussen (MSFT)

Today we released PIX 1806.20 which provides GPU Occupancy for AMD GPUs.

  • GPU Occupancy for AMD GPUs provides detailed insight into how shader workloads execute on the GPU. Many thanks to our partners at AMD for helping us enable this great feature in PIX on Windows.
    • While the Execution Duration timeline lane shows the total execution time for draws and other rendering operations, the new Occupancy lane shows the associated work as it moves through the GPU’s rendering pipeline. You’ll see how work is broken into vertex shader work, pixel shader work, and so forth giving you a much more accurate view of how the hardware handles your rendering.
    • The Occupancy lane shows VS, HS, DS, GS, PS, and CS work corresponding to the different pipeline stages as well as a stage labeled Internal which allows GPU vendors to account for work that doesn’t map to any of the conventional pipeline stages.
    • With this release GPU Occupancy is available for both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Fixed several bugs. Thanks to all of you out there who reported issues!

As always, please let us know if you have feedback on any of the features in PIX on Windows.

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