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Bot to Human Handoff in Node.js

When considering bots, it’s often important for organizations to have the ability to “hand off” a customer from a bot to a human agent seamlessly. We implemented an unopinionated e-2-e solution called Handoff for bot authors to implement a variety of scenarios, using the Microsoft Bot Framework Node.js SDK.

Scaling UDP Workloads with Kubernetes

Situm, a company that offers high precision indoor navigation, looked to Kubernetes on Azure to provide high availability and scalability for their services. As of Kubernetes v1.6.5, Kubernetes on Azure supports both UDP and TCP workloads, and respects the Kubernetes Service spec's sessionAffinity.

Revisiting InterOp with Unity, UWP and DirectX

As Unity applications become more complex, the need arises to extend Unity to provide additional capabilities. In our work with Aveva, we used Unity's plugin architecture to utilize the workstation and server GPU, while still leveraging the Unity runtime for input and display.

Building Facebook.Yoga for UWP and WPF

We recently worked to bring greater parity to react-native-windows by building cross-platform layout library Facebook.Yoga for UWP and WPF as the React Native framework for iOS and Android switched to use Yoga.