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Entity Framework Journey

As an Engineering team on Microsoft’s Commercial Software Engineering (CSE), we strive to empower customers to build and maintain their software-based solutions. In this article, we will cover an aspect of our Engineering Fundamentals, DB change management using Entity Framework.

Real-time Streaming Of 3D Enterprise Applications From The Cloud To Low-powered Devices

Microsoft recently partnered with AVEVA, an engineering, design and management software provider to the Power, Oil & Gas and Marine industries. AVEVA’s challenge is one that is becoming more and more common in the construction visualization space: ever increasing complexity of 3D data that needs to be highly interactive to a customer ...

Revisiting InterOp with Unity, UWP and DirectX

As Unity applications become more complex, the need arises to extend Unity to provide additional capabilities. In our work with Aveva, we used Unity's plugin architecture to utilize the workstation and server GPU, while still leveraging the Unity runtime for input and display.