Eric Rozell

Software engineer at Microsoft. Fluent in C# and the .NET Framework, with an emphasis on functional reactive programming and the LINQ Expressions API.

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App-to-app communication with React Native on Android

The ixo Foundation is building a decentralized impact evaluation protocol using blockchain and W3C decentralized identifier specification. We worked with them to develop a sample client in React Native, including a native Android plugin for app-to-app communication.

Youth Homelessness Survey App with Xamarin.Forms and HockeyApp

We partnered with the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness to develop a Xamarin application, WeCount, for volunteers to use to collect survey data for the 2017 Point-In-Time Count.

Hacking React Native Unbundles into UWP

We recently worked on developing "unbundle" support for react-native-windows to reduce launch times and memory usage for React Native Windows apps.

Building Facebook.Yoga for UWP and WPF

We recently worked to bring greater parity to react-native-windows by building cross-platform layout library Facebook.Yoga for UWP and WPF as the React Native framework for iOS and Android switched to use Yoga.

Hybrid Apps Using C# and JavaScript with ChakraCore

Covers learnings from building a hybrid app platform with Chakra and C#.

Creating Universal Windows Apps with React Native

Using a plugin built by Microsoft, developers can build apps for Windows using React Native.